There Is No Guru. YOU Are the Guru.

Here’s how most business training programs and courses are sold today:

It’s a system, a template, a “magic button”, a “tested and proven” method. Just do what it says, and success will be inevitable.

The reality is that less than 10% of people actually succeed with any system, method, or course. This means that out of 100 people in the room learning a strategy maybe 10 will see any results.


Because every system is based on the person who created it.

“You want success? I am the prototype. This is the way to do it.”

When you see headlines like this one…

“Fastest and Easiest Way to…”

…It just means that it’s the fastest and easiest way for the person who created it!

This is not meant to criticize or offend anyone who sells a business success system of any kind. I sold business success systems for years with nothing but well-meaning intentions in mind. With my coaching business and passive income blueprints, I offered people a chance to see inside my “success system” and learn the steps I took.

The problem is that any system you buy into rarely leaves room for you to be YOU. Your natural abilities and skills, your passions and dreams, you lifestyle and experiences – all of this should be considered when deciding on HOW you grow your business. Following someone else’s “success system” blindly just because they’re the “guru” can be a very frustrating experience.

I asked a friend recently why she hasn’t done a product launch yet, to which she said, I can’t launch like that, so I can’t launch.” In other words, the product launch method she learned doesn’t work for her. So she does nothing with it. Several other people shared with me that they did launch, but it didn’t produce any results.

There’s nothing wrong with the launch system – it just can’t be used in the same way by everyone. Your launch doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s launch. Your products and programs don’t have to be marketed the same way you see your peers market.

So in this incredible “jungle” of business systems, mentors, and tools, you must ask yourself:

“Is this the best way for me to go? Is this the most ideal way for me to share my message? Is this the going to bring out my biggest natural ability or passion? Is this something I can keep doing consistently?”

There are many ways to grow a business. The goal is to grow in the right direction for you. When you choose the wrong growth strategy it takes huge amount of energy – like climbing a mountain. When you make the right choice for YOU, you’ll feel immediate sense of relief, confidence, excitement and clarity!

Everything you do must fit with your unique personality and leverage your natural abilities. Otherwise, you may end up doing every single step in the system and still not get the results you want – regardless of how many other people succeeded with the same approach.



61 thoughts on “There Is No Guru. YOU Are the Guru.

  1. Patty Tolar

    I completely agree. A couple of weeks ago I responded to another Coach’s post which talked about how important she felt it was to customize her coaching for each client. My experience is the same. So often we attend workshops and buy products which we hope will help us grow our businesses but usually, only a small percentage have real results. That creates a doubt about our ability to be successful and perhaps the truth is that we just haven’t found what is right for us! I still love to attend workshops and classes, and buy new products but may only use a small part of what was taught and I may not have the same results of someone else. When I coach one-on-one I can create a program that is customizied for my client and their personal needs.

    1. Milana Post author

      Yes for sure, the self-doubt is a confidence killer and a growth derailer. Getting the right system for YOU will help you feel confident, clear, and excited about using it to move forward. Thanks for sharing Patty!

  2. Anette

    My experience is absolutely this too. All the money I spent on training coaching and marketing is insane. I wonder why I bought into all the advices. I already knew that to get success for My clients it has to be built on their uniqueness. So One Year Ago I decided No more training for me and I have to offer something that is custom fit. It feels IF I have wasted a lot of money and time. Hopefully I get use OF my experiences.

  3. Jane Duncan Rogers

    I wish I had known this (and had the confidence to believe it) before I spent thousands of pounds and hours of time trying everyone else’s courses. Still, I suppose it makes me more clear about my own way of doing things now. Great post Milana, so glad you are telling it like it is.

    1. Milana Post author

      Absolutely Jane! I spent 16 years trying different systems, tools, approaches… before knowing exactly what is NOT for me! Although I wish I would’ve figured it out faster haha.

  4. Liz Wootton

    I have systems that I teach people. I find that the simplest of them are things that can be taught without too much adaptation, because of their simplicity. But I have to say that the more customized I can make the training, the better the results will be, with one-to-one being the absolute best. Each person’s resistance will be different. And it can take skill to draw out the resistance. Hard to do in a big group which has no one-to-one contact. But getting through the resistance is often where magic happens.

  5. Deb

    Thank you, Milana, for expressing so well what I’ve been struggling with for a while now. I’m looking forward to your blog posts and curious to see what your launch will be like.

  6. Barbara Hemphill

    Amen! I have owned my own business for almost four decades — and during most of those years I spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to do what other “successful” coaches said I should do. In most cases, the results were disappointing, frustrating, and financially costly (even more than the cost of the training itself!). In recent years, I have learned that the only way for me to be successful in business is to be “me” — and the people who are meant to be my clients will be attracted to me, and the rest don’t matter.

  7. Michael Basch

    Milana, this is so right on. And it covers nearly every experience in life. Whether it be with the latest diet, our doctor or our business. We inundated with information, mostly from experts who do know what they’re doing, but not whether or not it will work for us.

    Only we can make that determination. I believe the best way to do that is to go within and connect to our natural intuitive ability. Simply ask:
    Is this method, expert, system, etc. the best next step for me, my business, my life right now? If you do this constantly, you will soon get an immediate “yes” or “no” or sometimes a “maybe” answer. Follow it. Trust it. It works. And it will free you up to do what you do best.

    As Einstein said (paraphrased):
    “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift. The rational mind a loyal servant. Our culture honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

  8. Anonymous Subscriber

    There are indeed experts/’gurus’ and there are indeed proven systems – generally speaking. In a sense, saying that there are absolutely no ‘gurus’ and everyone is the best expert in all cases to solve their own problems comes across as a bit sensationalist and the same sort of cookie-cutter approach you are alerting people to. That said, I agree that cookie-cutter advice and systems will not work for most people. The problem I have is that it seems difficult to know for sure when online experts are saying the truth and when they are flagging up issues because they want to sell the next thing they have discovered as the answer for their target audience – whether that is JV or ‘Simplicity Coaching’. I know that we are all trying to figure life out, but I wonder, if the simplicity thing doesn’t work out, will you be telling us that the next thing you discover is the ‘big shift’ in the industry and the answer we should all be considering? Again, I don’t mean to offend but I am getting disillusioned and just want to be honest here.

  9. Ann Farrell


    Exactly what my program supports people to do focused on building their businesses supporting corporate and organizations!! We are sisters in parallel universes!! 😘

  10. Saje

    Timing on this was impeccable…for me. I woke this morning ..ready to get started on a business launch, website development, etc…after paying for several online courses and listening for 3-4 years to some really interesting and clearly accomplished people who offer coaching for startups, based on their own success…
    But…I’d woken today with this kind of epiphanic feeling that I need and want and can create my own path to building my own platforms. My guidance is calling from the strengthen and clear the energy fields in my body that have been muddled and stuck on fear of not being good enough … and reading this post was timely, relevant and encouraging/affirming. Thank you for taking the risk to write it. Inspired I am sure…by that I mean that I believe it came from your inner guidance and was meant to reassure people like me.

  11. Judith Lansky

    Milana, I was so glad to read your comments. I’ve taken 4-5 paid programs and endless free webinars. I had a business before them and it’s going along
    OK now. But none of them changed my life or my business. i’m going to celebrate 35 years in business in April and I hope I won’t do anymore programs. In a way, it’s hard to resist because they’re marketed as if they will change your business, if not your life.

  12. Marian Head

    I learned this the hard way, Milana. For ten years I was one of the top sales reps for a global nutritional company. My greatest challenge was bringing my team members to the top with me. I kept looking for systems they could use successfully. I tested every system and they worked — for me. But none worked for everyone and some worked for no others. I learned it isn’t the system that works.

    What I learned I now apply at Agreements Institute: it’s who we ARE that is at the root of our success. So in the process of certifying participants to serve others, I offer them lifelong tools to support them in living their unique missions, experiencing ever-greater inner peace, enriching their relationships from the boardroom to the bedroom, and expanding their capacity for gratitude and joy. While I do offer a turnkey system for coaches and facilitators, they are free to integrate what they learn into their chosen work in a way that best serves them and their clients. Everyone wins.

    I look forward to your next post!

  13. Truth Paradise

    That is the problem and some of us actually want to create something that is actually valuable to others, contributing to our world in ways that support everyone in creating a better, more whole life, relationally and financially.

    So I’ve just slowed down to examine what is actually being offered and for what price and is it actaully doable for me.

    1. Shifra

      Thanks Milana, your perspective and approach is and has always been interesting.

      Life seems to be about ongoing learning. Even simplicity is one angle on truth and what works. It’s probably far more appealing to people who have been dealing with complexity for too long, who have tasted lots of things and found that they only partially satisfy. Lots of us have been through a process which, through learning many perspectives, is now bringing us closer to the center of our own being.

      There’s something very powerful about simplicity that follows complexity, It seems that in life and deep learning there is almost always a stage of gathering lots of information, trying and only partially succeeding, processing… And then, at some point it starts to become clear which elements of all you’ve learned and heard and experience will truly work for you. Without your 16 years you wouldn’t have the intuitive knowledge and skill that you have now. Although maybe you could have shortcutted it a bit, as you say 🙂 And without experiencing the “million dollar success” you wouldn’t be as bottom line clear on who you are and what works for you.
      I’m not recommending that anyone invest massive amounts of money in programs that won’t work for them, but I do think that there is a stage for most of us where some of that is necessary to help us grow. New business owners without a clue can seriously benefit from an ongoing education, even if they can’t follow the cookie cutter process and are only able to take a bit of it away.

      Anyway, I have been following you for a long time, for good reasons, but I agree with what a couple of people said, that even the “simplicity approach” is not for everyone, at all times. Like thesis/antithesis/synthesis, there is always some deeper truth at the heart of the opposing perspectives. I guess that’s what many of us are aiming for now.

      1. Milana Post author

        Shifra, totally agree! Without the years of experience and learning, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So it’s important to try lots of different things to see what works best. However, I found a simpler and faster way to get to the bottom of the business model and marketing strategy that will most likely work for YOU. Stay tuned 🙂

  14. Diane C. Christofferson

    My belief is there is information that a person can obtain by listening to successful people and/or readings books that give you insight on how some people where able to become very successful. What does success mean to you? Does success mean a fleet of different kinds of cars? Does it mean a 6000 square foot house? Does it mean a 6 figure income? Does it mean that you take care of your body, by eating clean? Only you can decide what you are going to do and how you are going to get to those goals. I never talk about $ signs, I only talk about if a person is satisfied where they are in life.

  15. Brenda

    I completely agree with you. A lot of wisdom out there is not right for me and how I connect with my community. That did not stop me from getting a lot of coaching and training that was NOT a fit for me at all. I was hopeful. I am wiser now. 🙂

  16. Astrologer Dawn

    I absolutely agree with what you are saying!!! As a person who follows the Human Design System I know that only 8% of the world’s population are Manifestors, which are the people who can take any program, follow it and be successful. However that leaves 78% of the rest of the world, NOT able to manifest most programs. I love T. Harv Eker, however he’s also a Manifestor and being asked to go out and manifest is something he can do and it’s written for people like him. I happen to be a Manifestor so I have no problem using programs and they work for someone like me, but I have noticed that for the majority of people cold calling, getting up and speaking and doing all the things we need to do (action oriented marketing) is not something others are comfortable with. It doesn’t mean the programs don’t work, just they don’t work for the majority of people. I love that you said they were written with good intentions because I absolutely believe that. Each person has to find a system that works for them and who they are at their core. Love your writings and can’t wait to read what’s next!

  17. Melissa

    I totally agree, its like you are talking about me, I have purchased a lot of different templates, workshops and programs but none of them have worked for me and I now know that. the question I now have is what will work for me and how do I find that out without it costing me an arm and a leg plus my mortgage.


    I agree there is books galore on how to succeed but the hardest part is to find your target clients and win their confidence

    unless you can achieve this you will not be able to move forward
    in this day and age everything is oversold it is very difficult to determine what will work and what won’t

    i have been looking for years but i am yet to find a workable answer

  19. Veronique Eberhart

    I’m really stating to realized that. So, I’ve stopped beating myself up. Now, I take the time to see what works for me, what I’m naturally good at and what I enjoy doing. I delete a lot of online class offers without looking at them and without FOMO. There really are people offering good program with good value, out there, but also a lot which are really personality based – and those really sell dream at inflated priced, in spite of all the ‘bonuses’! Thank Milana, Your story rings like a cautionary tale to me. Yes, I want success and money, but not at all cost.

    1. Karen

      Really interesting to hear people’s views and to know there are many who have fallen for the shiny new object syndrome. Yet as someone new to the works of entrepreneurs what else do you do? It’s a minefield and each one promises so much, tells you they are the answer and that all you have to do is apply it and success will follow. I have reached the saturation stage with them and now delete much of what I receive. This, on top of the usual overload in starting up a business. It really saps your self belief and confidence and your words Milana are so at odds with what is usually peddled, it’s refreshing. Yet I also find myself questioning what you say, your words are they too good to be true, is this just another take on the shiny new object? I hope not because the simplicity, the acknowledgement that your way is the way to go, that believing in yourself and your unique talents is the way forward, is so motivating. But this still has to translate into solid business results if you are to live on what you produce. Look forward to hearing more details next month.

  20. Alex Graham

    Dear Milana, I agree and disagree with your thoughts on Guru’s. I agree that the Guru is in you totally, Having said that I have just chanelled the ultimate the ultimate Transformational Personal Program ever and I am getting 100% success rate with it and it is so much fun!

    As the author of this program, I got to be its first Guinea Pig and it has transformed and continues to do so, my life, in the thirty days since it wrote me. My life is a series of wall to wall Miracles since being blessed with this program and I can hold that Space 24/7 and have done so since. I am totally unhookable in that Space regardless of what shows up in my life My program is called ‘Life is Not a Competition, Life just Is…Let life Flow, or LNC for short.’ I take the workshop participants on a journey to their Personal Power Station or PPS and they light themselves up, for in the domain of their PPS, to which they, and they alone have the keys., they discover that they are their own Guru’s. and Miracles can flow from there.

    Love and blessings Alex xo

  21. Benay

    Knowing that such a small % of people ever finish online courses, I wonder if we should even be selling them – unless they have some sort of one-on one component attached to them?

    Online courses are great for the coach/practitioner but are they the best for the end customer?

  22. Heather

    Totally agree! I have spent a great deal of time and money trying to grow my business using other people’s strategies. It didn’t work! I lost track of me and ended up doubling back to find me before I could more forward.

    But I also know that if you don’t have great self-esteem, if you’re not totally confident in what you’re doing and if you don’t like you have an awesome product or service, that too will affect your success. Our minds have everything to do with whether we will succeed.

  23. Cat Shrier

    Milana: As you know, I’m a systems thinker, and even went to grad school to develop “decision support systems.” After working with so many of the leaders in this industry, I’m definitely seeing patterns in the elements of a coaching business, and alternative approaches individual coaches can take to developing and implementing each element to attract the clients that are right for that coach, do the work that works for the coach, and produce reliable revenue streams – an approach that’s both client focused and coach-focused. For example (going thru the elements of an online coaching business), there are different ways of inviting people into your business (branding, title and copy, targeted external & JV marketing); of letting prospects get to know you (landing pages and free content/leadmagnets – in sequence from easily consumable to greater levels of engagement, different launch sequences); of working with you and your expertise in paid programs (various alternatives for leveraged products leading to the creation of product funnels with a “ladder of ascension” for people who want to go further/deeper and invest more, and parallel funnels of related products that can be developed once the initial funnel has matured). Finding an integrating a JV strategy is part of the picture as well. There are several great programs on individual elements of these online coaching businesses (and part of the individual coach’s development is to pick the right programs where they can learn and be coached on and develop each element in their business). I’m still figuring out what it is *I* can do – it’s possible that WebTribeGuide.Com’s “Get Aligned Online” program can be for coaches who want to identify which approach they want to take, to get to know the options and how to pick what’s best for them – their aptitudes and strengths and resources and lifestyle they want – and who are the leading teachers on each element so they can be that 1-in-10 student who starts the course knowing it is a fit for their business. I know this isn’t a simple product (and I know I’m a complex person!) – do you think there’s any way this can work? And any way I can market this? I should go dig out my copy of “Discovering Your Big Idea” – can I come up with a systematic approach for coaches to pick their own systems???

  24. Kim Victoria

    Hi Milana, You are on the right track, and I know you will do a great job with your new focus. I love the courses I took from you and many others, yet am creating a process & system that is a total blend of all of them. We’ll see how it all unfolds for me this year. Thank you

  25. Sandi Neilson

    Yay to this!!! I do totally agree and have also found that the only systems that truly work for me are those which are grounded in principles or success laws. These do tend to be devoid of fluff, complexities and personality-angled by the creator. Unfortunately finding training that is principle based or similar seem to be few and far between and I guess not always possible so I do get drawn back into buying training that isn’t a fit for me.
    Looking forward to seeing what you have created here Milana. Oh and so glad to have such an expert as you are speaking from a true heart-centered and principle based intention.

  26. William Brown

    Very insightful and needed. For some time I have been down on myself for not being able to succeed with “proven ” systems. There always was some time that didn’t feel right. Thank you for giving voice to my silent and costly struggle.

  27. David

    This is the first time I’ve seen this expressed, and it’s a freeing idea. It’s common sense, rather obvious even, but nobody says it because they are usually selling themselves as an expert who will guide you to success. Thanks for pointing out the emperor’s not dressed.

  28. Rhonda Bowen

    Thank you for writing about this topic. I’ve invested a lot of time and money in “experts” who could tell me exactly what to do, but moving from offline to online after more than 25 years of being an independent business owner is a major challenge. I’ve finally learned to take pieces of many different things and am now trying to make a finished puzzle that reflects who I am, my values and what I have to offer to the world. Thanks for supporting me in my efforts.

  29. Lorna

    THANK YOU – A THOUSAND TIMES – Milana – for your honesty!! Finally, the truth is out. Bravo to you! Can’t wait for next month – hopefully it will be soon – Maybe February 2nd?? :0) If I seem anxious (and I am) – I’ve only been waiting 4 years for this …….

  30. Johan Marais

    Hello Milana, I agree with the stats as per your article. Based on my experience as a business coach, I have a specific view why this is the case. One issue that stands out is the fact that people act like robots when using a system, template etc.One can argue that it is a shortcoming of the individuals and not the system – e.g. some people achieve and most don’t with the same system? So, I believe that people have to be taught the following before/during the time when they use the system:
    – Get on top of your business versus staying inside. This means that most entrepreneurs are so involved with the subject matter that they never get an external view of their businesses. Many techniques are available to achieve this.
    – Context vs content: this issue is obviously linked to the first point. However, from a systems point of view, I have created my strategy execution system which is a cloud based on-line system that gives the client a context based view. The detail has to be determined by the entrepreneur. The system guides you through a strategy process/template and if you are in external mode (point 1 above), you will be able to achieve the desired results.
    I have been very successful at clients making use of my system ( and have recently started with JV inner circle.
    Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss further.
    Have a great day

  31. Cosmin Costin

    I agree with the premise of the article but i think there’s a bigger issue with why only 10% of people succeed with any given system/blueprint/etc.

    The larger reason is about 50% of people BUY the Guru’s product but never do anything with it. They barely read any of the stuff or if they do read the materials they never implement.

    So there’s a HUGE issue, and I’m not defending the gurus because they have a huge fault in selling you the dream so well, making it sound so easy (it never is easy). However it’s up to the buyers to stop buying these programs.

    Stop trying to find the MAGIC BULLET that will fix your problem… your business will not succeed because you bought all these programs it will succeed if you actually implement some of them.

    Get to work as soon as you buy a new system/product. The vast majority offer a money back guarantee.. so if you put in the work in the first few weeks and you don’t like it and it doesn’t work for you, get your money back!!!

    But at the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to make sure you get the value out of a product and if not get your money back.

    Yes, YOU ARE YOUR GURU, because you’re the ONLY ONE who can guarantee YOUR SUCCESS!

  32. Shifra

    P.S. I don’t believe that most people who invest in programs follow the steps in a cookie cutter way. If they did it would probably be a lot more than 10% who would succeed. I have invested in programs, most of which have been really good, and most of which, for reasons of distractions, other priorities or emotions, I haven’t implemented even 10% of the way.

    The big factor that is in between most of us and “success”, besides lack of knowledge about what and how to do it, and the openness or saturation of one’s market, is FEAR.
    Based on my experience, if the TIMING is good, the SYSTEM is good and FEAR doesn’t stand in the way, things will work at least to some degree.

  33. akyiaa

    I agree with you you have to be authentic and true to yourself. I tried a system and absolutely loved my mentor she is great and successful. Following the system I started feeling like I had to be mold my message into that container. i became stagnated trying to do things right worrying that I was not following instructions. I had to take a step back withdraw and be myself, sound like myself and honor voice. My stifled creativity came back and started to flow again. I am so happy that you have brought up this topic.

  34. Reno Lovison

    The best systems are conceptually based providing you with the information, ideas and tools you can use to create your own success. The problem is – – that solution requires creativity and hard work. So, many people choose the step-by-step approach. They feel it is like a cake, if I put the right ingedients in the right order it will be a success but business has more variables than baking so the results are not going to be the same for everyone. Therefore equip yourself well and blaze a trail of your own. (Sorry for the mixed metaphor, but you get the idea).

  35. Winum

    Great post Milana!

    My 2 cents:

    It’s very much about enjoying the journey and don’t get caught up in cursed how’s as Mike Dooley puts it.

    Always have yourself in it and approach any new learning from the perspective of what of this can I apply in my world. You really just need one golden nugget per book, course, coaching call. The difference is when you internalize that golden nugget and make it your own. You know: the eureka moment where you get it – and not just follow instructions on a plan tailored by and for someone else.

    Self awareness is the foundation to do this.

    Thank you for what you do Milana!

  36. Kel

    Agreed, these are excellent observations.

    I’ve also purchased programs, spent hours and hours doing all the steps, and although I learned some things, it wasn’t a success in the end.

    Maybe this can explain why:

    1. Unless you’re a ‘natural’ at these type of businesses, (some people are), or very experienced, you’re probably going to need some additional in person guidance and help. At least that’s what I felt I needed.

    Not necessarily a huge amount of personal guidance, but perhaps a 20 min one on one phone call per week, and email support, just to move past anything that is getting in the way of success.

    Without this, it’s easy to fail because of what is mentioned in the blog above, but also because there are numerous factors that can’t all be covered in a program. It’s very likely to get stuck at one point, and be unable to move forward without some in person help.

    2. In the programs I’ve tried, the sales videos and storytelling are usually done in an extremely captivating, easy to understand style.
    So it’s disorienting to purchase a program in such a starkly different tone and style. They usually consist of many hours of lessons, group phone calls, video conversations, and reading materials, that can be overwhelming. This is very different experience to what I anticipated, due to the sign up videos.

    Although I still managed to plow through the programs I purchased, there are always things that arise which are not mentioned in the lessons, that I don’t know how to overcome. This is when email and phone support would make all the difference and lead to many more successes

    When I launch something, I’ve always had this goal in mind – that the sign up process will have a similar energy to the lessons, and to build in support for students who get stuck. So if you are excited by the offer, you should be able to stay motivated, and you will have support when you get stuck, to ensure your success. I hope this makes sense.

    I’m looking forward to your new product, Milana!

  37. Kay

    I totally agree. In fact I have decided not to buy anyone’s package or system any more, do I learn something from them yes. But do they work turn key out of the box for me? No.

  38. Dennis Marcellino

    Figuring out how to get clients has proven to be difficult. It doesn’t seem like it should be, given my topics. For one, I’ve objectively and scientifically proven what this life is ultimately all about, what happens after we die, and how fully knowing that creates a continual peace while on this planet. And yes, as you say, this is based on how I’ve personally come to peace and clarity after years of angst and confusion. I’ve also proven how to end an addiction permanently and don’t see any other method in the world that can guarantee that. And yes, as you say, this is based on how I’ve personally come to no weakness for alcohol or drugs or other addictions. I’ve sold over 2000 of that program over 10 years. But it’s the first program that I’m having no luck with. I’ve tried some marketing programs but no success … which is surprising because what I’m showing how to do addresses a challenge that everyone faces. Any thoughts?

  39. Linda Larson Schlitz

    I love all these “aha” moments!! Though failing miserably for the last 2.5 years has my life in a real financial mess, I totally agree that it isn’t that I was “wrong” in what I was trying to do but it was unrealistic to try to do it myself and expect to get the same results that a whole team of experts were getting. I am taking a different path now with an already established business who had not bought into this whole online thing. Now, not only am I able to implement my vision, I am able to build them and as many of my colleagues as I can bring in who have a course, counseling or coaching to offer, a brand new business using the structure and credibility that was seeming to elude me independently. I have not only learned from your previous work the value of the affiliate program paradigm shift but I have also learned that I have to be careful because if I make the mistake of carrying too much of the load I will reap a negative result of burn out! Hopefully I will remember that in the process of trying to make the big bucks quick!! LOL

  40. Kae

    Excellent post, Milana. Very pragmatic and explains why a lot of people fail at “fail proof” systems. Much appreciated.

  41. Glenda Carlson

    Milana, you have just described exactly how I have been feeling and , only just recently , came to understand just how this kind of thinking can hold people back from going after their dreams. Thank you for putting it all into words which are giving me clarity and , actually inspiring me to a greater depth.

  42. Barry Lee

    Your comments are very insightful. It is true that everyone who sends out emails wants you to follow their system and many are now working together using similar systems.

    However, all of these so-called experts belong in the States where people seem to believe in the power of coaching more than they do elsewhere. I am more of the Introvert coach, who becomes Extrovert when dealing with customers – sounds weird but it is true!! No one has come up with a system that will prove successful everywhere.

    Lovely to read you comments.

  43. Iyana

    Nietzsche, “Man has no ears for that to which experience has given him no access.”

    The lack of success in Nietzsche words above is exactly what you are sharing (thanks). How can someone relate without reference points from their own experience.

    I guess I am lucky in that. I saw the online marketing systems for what they were from the very beginning (maybe the luck was that I couldn’t afford them). They are MLM pyramid type sales techniques. Years ago these were very popular but illegal because they didn’t have a product for sale. It fell in the line of gambling. Add a product and you can play the same game legally. One of the first pitches I listened to was about how you can get people to unleash their money and not even have a product to sell yet. There it was: the gamble.

    Nowadays so much info on how to launch is available for free I can’t see how any ‘make money’ launcher is making any money. My inbox is overloaded with ‘JV tries’ and many are relaunching old launches. A true Guru is “Prolific” as well as sensitive. Repeating the same ole same ole gets boring for most of us. If one is sensitive in any way, they can feel this desperateness of launches that are no longer working.

    I love that you are not overloading my inbox Milana. Matter of fact, I actually look on occasion to see if you have another blog post – great content that i resonate with. So thank you. Its refreshing to see the turn of events in motion. Where online marketing will go next is something to wait for, because the old method is fizzling out.

    I recently read a post from authors who did free downloads of their book and received no reviews on Amazon. The man who did get reviews had 9,000 downloads and 10 reviews. The method had a ratio of .1 percent?

    Another marketer is using this idea: “Soulmate Clients.” Her methodology is that what good are clients who sap all your energy for a measly 100 dollars. I experience this sometimes in my eBay sales on my product (not coaching but a spiritual product, handmade with lots of hours and love). I don’t need a problem client who spends 100 dollars when grateful conscious and willing to grow clients are helped and grateful for the same amount of money. Yes, sellers want money but at what cost to the creator or coach?


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