Simplifying Branding: 3 Steps for Creating a Profitable Personal Brand

I am interviewing my friend Danielle Miller, the founder of the School of Branding, about why brand is essential in today’s market place for coaches, authors, speakers, and experts building a business online.


Check it out and post your comments and thoughts below! Or feel free to discuss this video inside my Facebook Simplicity Entrepreneurship Community.

2 thoughts on “Simplifying Branding: 3 Steps for Creating a Profitable Personal Brand

  1. Bruce Eliaha

    1) Know yourself 2) Know your audience , and 3) Know your message. Great stuff! 1) I am Bruce Elisha a mystic, author and facilitator of consciousness through Inner Work. I’ve spend 20 years getting to know myself, 2) My audience is less clear but definitely it is people who are read to look deep within and do their InnerWork. They are likely to be in midlife and ready to make some changes.
    3) My message is that the answer is within. My business name is HeartDance InnerWork.
    Than you so much for the webinar. I love the simplicity approach.


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