A Newbie Entrepreneur with 16 Years of Business Experience…Say What?

I started my business back in 2001 with a release of my first e-book on web site design. Since then I have…

* Created almost 100 products and programs

* Designed and produced 20+ live events

* Held about 25 product launches

* Collaborated with 300+ joint venture partners

* Published an Amazon best-seller

* Went through 150+ training and coaching programs to learn how to sell, market, brand, and grow a business.

Ironically, as I am venturing out into a new business this year, I find that all my knowledge is actually in the way of moving forward. There is too much to try and too much to do. Plus all the new technologies and strategies that showed up since I first started, like social media and mobile marketing!

All of it comes with a sense of urgency, which is most definitely self-imposed but no less real. And that definitely creates stress and anxiety.

The best I can do is focus on what’s in front of me. To stop planning 5 years out and focus on what makes me excited and curious right now. To support the people who responded to my message and my new direction.

And to take a deep breath and know that I can do it all, just not all at once and not all right now.

And to remind myself that I am building a LIFESTYLE BUSINESS and I still want to have time to dance and write music! Thanks for reading my rant this morning.

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