My “Working Girl” Story

Passive Income Panel Discussion MP3 (from 2008)

I spent the last night of 2017 watching one of my favorite movies, “Working Girl”, not realizing that it was made exactly 30 years ago!

I have referenced this revolutionary movie many times from stage…

From the “nervous knot in my stomach”, to the dream of having a corner office in New York City, to the biggest moment of transformation…

“You want to be taken seriously, you need serious hair.” 🙂

There is also the embarrassing story of how I introduced this movie to my friend. We were flying to an event together and decided to watch this movie on the plane.

What I completely forgot about was the sex scene about 15 minutes into it!!! I am sure the guy sitting next to us was grateful, but not for long, because my friend panicked and slammed her DVD player shut! 🙂

I never asked if my friend ever finished watching the movie, but we’ve been telling this story ever since.

“Working Girl” was an absolutely revolutionary movie for its times, when women had to break rules to get to the top.

And that brings me to the time I broke the rules…

Back in 2005, when I had two small children at home and couldn’t travel to business and coaching events, I decided to create my own event – a telesummit!

It had never been done before…

Some people who called to sign up were surprised to hear a work-at-home mom on the other line – not a conference registration department.

Speakers were surprised about not having to submit proposals, but simply showing up on a teleconference line.

And a new kind of an event – a virtual event – was born!

Telesummit went through evolution since 2005, but the idea of virtual events that bring like-minded people together and create profitable collaborations for everyone involved is on the rise!

A little later this year, I’ll be teaching how to create game-changing virtual events to grow your business, but for now I want to leave you with a FREE GIFT…

Some of the most exciting components from the telesummit were panel discussions, where multiple experts had to answer the same question – these were the most thought-provoking conversations around building a business and getting clients online.

So to help you get your year started, here’s a 78-minute recording of one of such panel discussions:

Passive Income Panel Discussion MP3 (from 2008)

Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.



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