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Get Your Year in Gear: All of My Best-Selling Products & Programs Over $7500 Value – Just $997!

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Here is what’s included in this special holiday offer:

#1: My First Big Launch ($1997 Value)

Designed to help my coaching clients do their first launch successfully, this is my simple and proven step-by-step 28-day product launch blueprint. This is my system for every launch I’ve done that generated as much as $600K and attracted 300 customers in a matter of weeks – simplified!

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • My exact blueprint with daily actions
  • My 14-point teleclass formula that gets people excited and enrolls them right during the call
  • My proven 10-step formula for developing your BIG IDEA, the main concept for your launch
  • Exactly how to create a “juicy” pre-launch sequence that builds excitement about your product – this is one of the HOTTEST section of this program, because it gets into the mindset you need to tap into in order to create high demand for your product or program!
  • Discover how to position your product as an irresistible offer so the right prospects can immediately see the value!

Plus, 15 “Launch Amplifiers” – simple strategies you can add to your launch to increase results. The program consists of 11 step-by-step modules with video lessons, worksheets, and Q&A recordings.

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#2: Membership Program Secrets ($1997 Value)

How to Create, Launch, and Grow Your Own Low-Maintenance Membership Program, Add at Least $1,000 to Your Current Monthly Income, and Open a “Flood Gate” of Recurring Income in Your Business. Here’s what you’ll discover inside this blueprint:

  • Why people join: Understanding The 10 Biggest Reasons People Sign Up For Membership-Based Programs
  • What your customers want: Discovering a Membership-Based Program In Your Business by Understanding What Your Customers Are Most Motivated By
  • What you should offer: Aligning Your Best Value and Skills With What Your Customers Are Looking For
  • 2 Membership program types: Two Low-Maintenance Programs You Can Create Fast and Run on Less Than 5 Hours a Month! Membership Model: Choosing the Best Membership Model for Your Program, Where it Will Fit In Your Product Funnel, and How You Will Grow Your Program Over Time
  • Content: Planning, Organizing, Creating, and Scheduling Your Content Whether You Already Have It Or Not!
  • Creating an experience: Adding Other Ways to Give Value to Your Members to Greatly Increase Retention, Beyond Content
  • Tools: What Tools and Resources You Need to Create Your Dream Membership Program and How to Build a Virtual Team to Get Your Program Up and Running Fast and Inexpensively
  • Marketability: Creating An Easy-To-Market and Easy-to-Grow Subscription Program and Designing An Irresistible Marketing Campaign To Easily Launch Your Program

…and more!

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#3: Create Your Own Telesummit ($997 Value)

As an inventor of Telesummit, I felt it was my responsibility to teach others the system for success. That’s why now you have access to my proven step by step Telesummit blueprint.

Here’s what’s included:

1) 90 Minute Step-By-Step Video Laying Out Everything From The Big Picture Overview To The Nitty Gritty Details Of My Telesummit System

2) Complete, Ready To Go Templates And Plans For Attracting Top Speakers For Your Event… Even If No One In Your Niche Has Heard Of You!

3) The Telesummit Launch Strategy I’ve Used To Pack My Own Summits With 100’s Of Participants Without Spending A Penny On Advertising!

4) What To Do Once The Event Is Over To Maximize Your “Post-Event” Profits And Opportunities

5) Complete Answers To All Your Telesummit Questions… Including The Ones You Don’t Even Realize You’ll Have Yet

…and MORE!

This is Your Complete “Telesummit-In-A-Box” Package, So You Can Cruise To The Top Of Your Niche In Record Time.

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#4: Get Your Sales Letter Done ($497 Value)

Create Your Own Money-Making Sales Letter Without Any Copywriting Experience, Hours of Frustration, or Paying Thousands of Dollars to a Copywriter! YES, you CAN get an effective sales letter done even if you have never done any copywriting before!

In this program I walk you through several simple worksheets. When you’re done completing them, just put them together and watch your sales letter come together! I’ve used this process at my mastermind events and with coaching clients, they can’t believe how easy it is!

One of my biggest talents is SIMPLIFYING a complex process, so if you felt overwhelmed or intimidated by the process of copywriting or creating a sales letter for your coaching products or programs, NOW you will have an easy (and FUN!) system to follow to create your copy!

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#5: Licensing Revenue Secrets ($497 Value)

Discover How to License Your Own Program, Tool, or Workshop to Other Coaches, Move Beyond the “Pack,” Gain Indisputable Credibility, Speaking Invitations, Interviews, Book Contracts, Passive Income and Become the #1 Authority in Your Field for Years to Come!

Here’s what we’ll cover in the program:

  • Introduction to Licensing
  • Creating your program or tool
  • Packaging your licensing program
  • Training your licensees
  • Marketing your licensing program
  • Legal issues

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and get your work into the hands of thousands more people, the licensing is a great way to do that.

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Plus 3 BONUS Programs:

#6: Small List Big Money ($197 Value)

This program shows you how to make six figures from a tiny list, stop the frustration and stress, get paid for your skills and expertise, and FINALLY build a 6-figure business you’ve always wanted! 15 Top Entrepreneurs Are Spilling The Beans about Turning a Small Mailing List into Big Money in Their Content-Packed Training Sessions! Discover how to generate income from your list by offering Big-Ticket Programs, Magnetic “Signature” Programs, Group Coaching, Free and Low-Cost Events, Telesummits, Platinum Style Programs, VIP days, Boutique-Style Programs and MORE!

#7: First Passive Income Stream ($197 Value)

If you have never created a product, this course is for you. It takes you through the steps you need to turn your expertise into an information product or course. Starting with discovering your ideal niche market, creating a highly relevant free offer to build your list, building your info product, and creating an online sales system. A great primer if you’re trying to shift from offering your services to selling products.

#8: The JV Experience 3-Day Live Event ($997 Value)

Meet All The Joint Venture Partners You Want to Help You Get Your Product or Program in Front Thousands of Potential Clients.

This hands-on workshop is going to bring our awesome community of JV minded speakers, coaches, and authors into the real world. It will provide you with the perfect environment to meet JV partners and develop lasting bonds that will be the basis for millions of dollars worth of joint venture relationships in the years to come!

In this highly hands-on and interactive event you will:

  • Meet and connect with potential new partners face to face
  • Set up JV deals on the spot
  • Develop your own JV support network
  • Build life-long relationships with JV-minded entrepreneurs
  • Learn high-level JV strategies
  • And, become a “world-class” JV partner!


All of My Best-Selling Products & Programs

Over $7500 Value – Just $997!

>> Click here to get access now <<

Order Now - Sale Ends January 1, 2017!