Marketing Funnel Simplified: FREE Video Training

Do you feel confused and overwhelmed with marketing funnels? Are you looking for a more gentle approach to marketing funnels? Then this  training is for you – it’s time to take complexity out of marketing funnels! Feel free to share your comments below 🙂


One thought on “Marketing Funnel Simplified: FREE Video Training

  1. Dr Ray Charles

    Milana, this video demystified the secrets behind marketing. The pivotal statement (for me) was “one layer, one offer at a time. For each offer, have 2 – 3 ways you build your visibility.” That was a GOLDEN nugget

    The Other key nugget was, you are not merely building a sales funnel.

    This has given me a quantum leap (in more ways than one).

    Thank you so, So, SO much.


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