Summer Plans, or Life Beyond Business

When my kids were little, I made sure that I had no big plans for the summer. No launches, no programs, no business travel.

As they grew older and wanted more space (sniff, sniff) I began filling my summer with projects. The last three summers were so busy, I had no time to enjoy the beautiful weather… or life!

So, now that I am starting over and my kids are 17 and 22 (gasp!) I decided to reclaim my summer. Business doesn’t have to stop, but I love the opportunity to slow down, dream up new ideas, and remind myself that there’s life beyond business 🙂

Here are my plans for this summer (share yours below!)…

* Develop new software. A new idea came to me a month ago and I was shocked to learn that this doesn’t exist yet! I absolutely love the creative process of sharing my vision with the programmer and seeing it become tangible!

* Complete my 2nd music piece and have it arranged for multiple instruments. I will ALWAYS make time for music and dance now!

* Get myself booked as a guest on podcasts, shows, and virtual events to talk about SIMPLICITY ENTREPRENEURSHIP – an exciting trend that allows business owners to grow and scale without sacrificing their independence and peace of mind.

* Get ready to re-open Simplicity Circle and welcome a new group of business owners I can support. I made SO many discoveries about what stops people from growing their business and what gets them become tangled in so much complexity, I can’t wait to share it with more people and help them get unstuck!

* Enjoy meeting local entrepreneurs through a new meetup group I formed, Marketing Innovation Mastermind. Heck, if I found an online entrepreneur literally in my backyard (my neighbor runs a successful podcast) there should be more of them here!

* Get rid of stuff – yard sale, baby!

* Most importantly, create space in my brain for more fresh, unique, and innovative ideas to help entrepreneurs get rid of complexity and grow through simplicity.

Now tell me about YOUR summer plans below!

13 thoughts on “Summer Plans, or Life Beyond Business

  1. Shel Horowitz

    1. Actively go after clients who want to build deep social change into profitable products and services that turn hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance
    2. Go on a midwest trip in July that will include the last two of the 50 US states I haven’t yet visited as well as the one remaining for my wife
    3. Hike and/or bike daily
    4. Begin to think seriously about writing my 11th book
    5. Confirm at least two paid speaking engagements

  2. Rennie

    Hi Milana. Each summer for the past 12 years, I take my kids and grandkids to a family camp on the UC Santa Barbara campus. For 9 weeks over the summer the alumni association takes over two sets of dorms for family camp. The kids have activities and the adults have different activities, like 26 mile bike ride, wine tour, art tour, paddle board lessons, tennis, golf, hiking… My wife is hosting a neighborhood block party; I just completed a party for 20 people with whom I went to elementary school; hiking with friends; a wedding; and my least favorite – weekly workouts with my personal trainer. Finally, I will complete my evergreen program and reach out to affiliates.

    1. Milana Post author

      Wow, a neighborhood block party sounds like fun!!! Lots of non-business items on your list, love it Rennie!

  3. Ilana Moss

    Hi Milana. I intend to get in touch with my heart, revise my business vision and mission, and start designing my new website/platform. Beyond business – spend a month in the San Juan Islands with my daughter. Go to live music events at the Britt Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon. Spend at least one hour out in the garden every morning (with a cup of tea). Reconnect with friends and loved ones over food, fun, music, and more <3

    Thanks for asking 🙂

  4. Buddy Thornton

    Grandkids and Great-grandkids over for the pool every day!
    Finishing the two books I am authoring.
    Diligently working to complete my dissertation and get my doctorate.

  5. Jane Duncan Rogers

    So good to hear you having balance in your life like this Milana! You are an inspiration. Here’s my plans (no kids in my life):

    1. Take a two week holiday starting tomorrow, with no plans to do anything except wake each day and wonder what will happen. My idea of heaven!
    2. During July/August complete the manuscript for my next book, which has been taken up by a publisher, yay!
    3. Launch a new Masterclass about Choices At End of Life
    4. Have a camper van trip around the north of Scotland, visiting places I always wanted to visit but haven’t yet done so, even though they are so nearby
    5. Work with my newly employed assistant to create my next launch of the Before I Go programme
    6. Go skinny dipping in the river or sea at least once!
    7. Meet with the business Angel I met recently to discuss how to get my business known more in the UK
    8. Receive funding to run a series of Dead Good Days locally, by way of introduction to the work I offer
    9. Get a place on the local entrepreneurship programme I had an interview for this week
    10. Sing at the famous Belladrum Music Festival in Inverness, with my acappella group Too Many Kooks

    Now I’ve written it down it sounds like a wonderful summer! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  6. Cloris Kylie

    So cool to see everyone’s plans! I’m a planner, too. A big goal I have is to finish my book on influencer marketing. And I’m planning on spending as much time as I can outdoors! 🙂

  7. Rose

    The name of my eBay store is “Gypzeerose.”

    I plan to re-claim that. Even though I can’t travel abroad this year, I am going to be a tourist in my own town, and visit the beautiful and wondrous sites of the the East Bay in the San Francisco area where I live. I am going to go to some music events at night, I used to love that.

    And a garage sale is always a great idea! Then my home will feel clearer for entertaining.


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