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Cult of the Grind, or the Age of the Business Warrior – Part 2

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“If Business Was Easy, Everyone Would Start One”

I am not saying that building a profitable business should be as easy as a walk in the park.

Starting and growing a business comes with lots of challenges to tackle, skills to learn, risks to take, projects to manage, and setbacks to deal with. You may find yourself pushing through obstacles and dealing with crisis. You may have to do things others aren’t willing to do and deal with people you don’t want to deal with – just to achieve your goal and dream of building a successful business. Hard work is part of growing a business AND if you’re building something you love and believe in you’re willing to do it.

The difference is when hard work looks like “spinning your wheels” and struggling your way through it versus feeling excited and energized by that hard work because it fits you.

For example, it takes me three months of hard work to develop launch materials, from webinars to video scripts to email announcements. But I absolutely LOVE the process of watching it all come together and the satisfaction of getting it out there and sharing my ideas with the world! Continue reading

Cult of the Grind, or the Age of the Business Warrior – Part 1

“Cult of the Grind”

If you spent any time around entrepreneurs, you probably heard many times that “working hard” and “always be hustling” are the ways to succeed in business.

In other words, if you’re not working your butt off, then maybe you’re not serious enough to be truly successful.

I call it the “cult of the grind.”

The cult of the grind almost puts you to shame for not being willing to put in long hours, sleepless nights, and doing what needs to be done to reach success.

There’s honor in the grind. People respect your ability and willingness to work tirelessly to achieve results.

I remember feeling totally embarrassed about not being willing to stay up late on my “cart close” day during a product launch. After all, everyone else does it, whether it is to watch the sales coming in, manage their team, or send “just one more email.”

The cult of the grind implies being willing to do whatever it takes:

  • Need to do five live webinars in three days? Sure.
  • Need to jump on a new social media trend? No problem.
  • Speaking at two live events in one day? I am there!
  • Have to fit three promotions in one week? Gotta do what you gotta do!”
  • Need to write another email, even though it’s 11pm and you’re already in bed? I’m up!

Continue reading

When Your Business Eats YOU For Breakfast

Entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and speakers are very creative.

We create ALL the time.

Especially when we’re in growth mode and looking for ways to increase our revenue.


In a big company, with departments and teams, some people create and other people maintain. But in a coach, author, speaker space the lines are blurry. Everything you create takes space in your brain OR on your calendar:

  • If you create a team, you need to manage & maintain it.
  • If you create a membership site, you need to run & maintain it.
  • If you create a coaching program, you have to deliver it monthly & maintain it.
  • If you build a community, you need to nurture, grow & maintain it.
  • If you sell a mastermind program, you need to run & maintain it all year long.


FOMO: How Marketers Use “Fear of Missing Out” to Get You to Buy Their Products

The Elephant in the Room

You’ve heard of FOMO, right?

It’s a state of anxiety you experience over missing out on something that everyone else is participating in. It’s the emotional state that makes you click on a link, watch a video, join a frenzy of followers, and buy the product that everyone’s been talking about.

  • Product launches are built on FOMO.
  • Event marketing is built on FOMO.
  • Black Fridays are driven by FOMO.
  • The entire Groupon business model is based on FOMO.

 Good for Business, Bad for People

We all experience FOMO, “Fear of Missing Out”, once in a while.

For me it comes with a feeling of potential loss, turns me into irrational decision maker, and causes me to buy stuff I don’t need.

That is because FOMO is the biggest emotional driver that creates sales.

In fact, most marketing is deliberately designed to create urgency, scarcity, and exclusivity.

Smart marketers know how to trigger your FOMO… Continue reading

Greed, Fear, or Something Else: What Is Money and Why People Always Want More of It?


I have always wanted to build a million-dollar business. Thinking that it would feel like a “million dollars!”

But when I finally hit seven figures, I didn’t even notice it. I was too busy working.

The thing is, It didn’t feel any special. No more special than making six figures. No more special than getting a $30K job offer right after college.

Most importantly, it didn’t make me feel any happier. Angels didn’t sing, sea didn’t part, and rainbow didn’t appear.

After dropping out from the “million-dollar ra
ce” a few months ago, I began looking closely at what was missing. Was I crazy to walk away from a 7-figure business? And what are some of the other ways to measure business success?

Here’s what I discovered. This is cheesy and it doesn’t sell, but here it is… Continue reading