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Simplifying Branding: 3 Steps for Creating a Profitable Personal Brand

I am interviewing my friend Danielle Miller, the founder of the School of Branding, about why brand is essential in today’s market place for coaches, authors, speakers, and experts building a business online.


Check it out and post your comments and thoughts below! Or feel free to discuss this video inside my Facebook Simplicity Entrepreneurship Community.

Content That Sells: 3 Types of Content to Create to Sell Your Products & Programs

Are you tired of giving away “the farm”? Do you keep creating FREE content but not getting clients? When it comes to creating content, it’s easy to get lost in what to share when, and what kind of content to create. How much do you share to avoid giving away “the farm”? What do you talk about in your articles, videos, and webinars, and what do you leave for the actual product or program? I’ll demystify and simplify this for you in this special mini-training I recently held inside my Facebook group called Simplicity Entrepreneurs – you can join it here FREE


How to Grow Your Business When Even the “Big Players” Are Crying Their Way to the Bank


Things are really shifting in our space. It used to be easy to get results online, but now many entrepreneurs are noticing a drop. Online conversions are declining even for “big players” and everyone is looking for answers.

In the last few weeks I spent a lot of time talking to coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs in our industry, and many of the trends we discussed confirmed what I had experienced in my own business last year.

So what will the next phase look like for online/coaching industry?

How can we regain the trust of the very people we want to serve?

I’ll share each trend below and how I plan to shift my own business around it:

Trend #1: Connection/Customization. Our industry has become too much about numbers, massive results, the transaction. People want to be seen as individual human beings, with their own unique challenges and dreams. They want to feel heard and understood. Continue reading