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How to Grow Your Business When Even the “Big Players” Are Crying Their Way to the Bank


Things are really shifting in our space. It used to be easy to get results online, but now many entrepreneurs are noticing a drop. Online conversions are declining even for “big players” and everyone is looking for answers.

In the last few weeks I spent a lot of time talking to coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs in our industry, and many of the trends we discussed confirmed what I had experienced in my own business last year.

So what will the next phase look like for online/coaching industry?

How can we regain the trust of the very people we want to serve?

I’ll share each trend below and how I plan to shift my own business around it:

Trend #1: Connection/Customization. Our industry has become too much about numbers, massive results, the transaction. People want to be seen as individual human beings, with their own unique challenges and dreams. They want to feel heard and understood.

My shift around this trend is moving away from doing big training calls with hundreds of people and creating small-group programs, where I can give focus, care, and attention to clients. This will allow me to truly connect with the people who invest in working with me, which creates more results, fewer refunds, and deeper conversations.

Trend #2: Experiences/Engagement. Information is free. Books are cheap. Info-products cause a crippling sense of overwhelm. What’s the alternative? Creating experiences that lead to real transformation. These could be retreats or workshops, virtual or live, programs with a hands-on component, a contest, a game, or anything else that will elevate your material above just information and create higher engagement.

My shift around this trend is focused on reducing the amount of information in my programs and creating space for coaching, conversations, and transformation. Adding a live retreat to my online program to increase engagement and connection and create an awesome experience for my clients. Sharing less information and asking more questions that lead to a more powerful learning and results.

Trend #3: Simplification. Desire to grow a business coupled with lack of trust is creating an unprecedented overwhelm in our industry. So much is being thrown at us all the time – who do we trust? Who do we follow? Which strategies will work for us?

I saw this trend about six months ago, which resulted in me creating a new company, Simplicity Circle. To some, simplicity comes from having a simple business model that doesn’t require a big team. To others, simplicity is a mindset, which allows them to let go of 90% of advice they receive. To me simplicity comes from creating a business based on your biggest “superskills” so that results come with ease. And ditching everything else.

By the way, not everyone is “complaining” about low sales or conversions. People with strong connections and relationships with their community are seeing results.  And those with deeper marketing “pockets” who can spend more money on trying to find out what works eventually figure out the best way to get people to respond.

But the majority of people are definitely experiencing a shift – what used to work is no longer working. Now questions for you…

What are you seeing in our space right now?

What are you experiencing both, as a customer and as a business owner?

I’d love to hear your thoughts – just post a comment below this article.

There Is No Guru. YOU Are the Guru.

Here’s how most business training programs and courses are sold today:

It’s a system, a template, a “magic button”, a “tested and proven” method. Just do what it says, and success will be inevitable.

The reality is that less than 10% of people actually succeed with any system, method, or course. This means that out of 100 people in the room learning a strategy maybe 10 will see any results.


Because every system is based on the person who created it.

“You want success? I am the prototype. This is the way to do it.” Continue reading

Why Getting Clients Online is Totally Different Than Offline

Did you know that getting clients online is a COMPLETELY different ball game then getting them locally, offline?

I often talk to frustrated service providers who wonder why they can’t attract clients online, and here’s what I discovered. You can’t just take your existing offline coaching or consulting online – your value gets “lost in translation.”

In order to translate your value from offline to online business, you need to use different strategies and skill set. Here are the main differences…

Getting clients offline requires:

  • Networking
  • Lunch meetings
  • Speaking to local audiences
  • Referral groups
  • Relationship-building and patience

Getting clients online requires:

  • Being laser-focused on a specific target market
  • Building a list of potential clients
  • Clearly communicating your message
  • Creating educational content
  • Being able to inspire people in videos or webinars
  • Sharing your value in writing / copywriting
  • Creating joint venture partnerships

Can you see how different these skill sets are?

This is why ALL of the products I create focus on applying online business skills – product launches, joint ventures, telesummits, list-building, webinars, copywriting, content creation, niche finding, and more.

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And it works both ways.

I’ve always had an online business. When I attempted to get some local clients, it didn’t work.

Clearly, my online business skills didn’t translate into offline business. I was too impatient with people who took several hours of my time, then wanted to “think about it”.

I am curious, what has your experience been around this? Share your thoughts below.

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