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5 Things to Do Next Year to Grow Your Business

Some people have a 5-year business growth plan. Others play by ear, month to month.

I fall somewhere in between. It’s nice to know what to focus on next year, while leaving room for unexpected opportunities and discoveries.

Some of the most profitable projects and ideas came to me when I least expected!

This mindset is especially important now, when things in marketing and technology are changing SO rapidly.

With that in mind, and as my holiday decorations remind me that this year is almost over, I’d like to share how I will approach my business next year.

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Simplifying Branding: 3 Steps for Creating a Profitable Personal Brand

I am interviewing my friend Danielle Miller, the founder of the School of Branding, about why brand is essential in today’s market place for coaches, authors, speakers, and experts building a business online.


Check it out and post your comments and thoughts below! Or feel free to discuss this video inside my Facebook Simplicity Entrepreneurship Community.